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Welcome To Janadhare

A group of "likeminded" people have dedicated their time and energy for being has a change agent in the society. Janadhare literally means “flow of people “but our goal and willingness to set this name for our team is working with the people for the people.

We derive our inspiration from NSS, because all the members who have been actively involved in our group were NSS volunteers from various colleges across the Bangalore city. But currently we have students and working professional from various fields such as engineers, lawyers, bank employees, businessman’s and many more not to forget very active student volunteers who are the greatest support for us.

2010 initiated social activities, but during those days not much knowledge about on field social work, so just worked on the principles and values inoculated from the NSS, activities such as food distribution, clothes, and conducting sports events for kids, orphanage and old age homes visits. However, as the days passed we realised that we had officially make an identity and look at different aspects of our society and work for its development. Therefore, officially registered in the year 2013 as a civil society organisation. And we proudly call ourselves Janadhare, people centred works!!
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