Know About Us


Janadhare like any other organization was sparked by a thought. A thought that has led to us reaching this far. Far enough to carry out our vision of empowering the community to thrive against all odds.

We established ourselves in 2011 as a group of youngsters volunteering in the streets of Bangalore and Noida to bring under privileged children back to school by connecting to aided schools and contributing for their fees which was very minimal. The response and support the program received was immense and naturally it called for a more organized approach to sustain.

We registered as an NGO (trust) in 2013, continued to do the best we could in the field of education and disaster management where required. Our work was noticed and supported by various Global organizations and government organizations. Janadhare gradually received its recognition for exemption under 80G and 12A.

With the support and inputs of our CSR partners we are able to penetrate deeper into the community and address various needs of almost all classification of beneficiaries including women, children, farmers and the youth, by cocreating an opportunity to thrive with the people and officials.

Well, here we are handling over 16 verticals in Community Development and Environmental Sustainability, ever eager to seize every opportunity to contribute with the best services we can when a necessity in the community arises or while we proactively pitch in.

Crafting Roots is gifted with several minds and hands that work tirelessly towards achieving our goal of “making tomorrow better” for the deserving, we are a team frame worked with personnel who have made major contributions in the field of education, sports, infrastructure, and social work.

It is key for us to up hold the integrity of our partner companies and organizations to ensure we create a lasting experience in the community and a bond with our partners. Janadhare is compliant at all times to the norms of the state or province we are indulged in. We ensure we work with companies, vendors, associates who follow similar ethical grounds in terms of labor, quality and personal / professional data security.